Class Descriptions

We offer an array of classes centered around one theme: alignment of body and mind. The synthesis of strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, optimal nutritional status, and mental awareness creates wellness. 

We hold more than 30 classes a week including variations of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Iyengar, Pilates, Barre, TRX, and HIIT. We also offer many dynamic fusion classes that mix yoga, Pilates, barre, TRX, strength training, and HIIT cardio.

Many of our classes use our “great wall.” The wall allows for use of a wide variety of equipment and props including: pelvic slings, spinal traction belts, TRX suspension trainers, TRX rip trainers, ballet barres and Pilates bands that can be used for tower and reformer style workouts. Many of our classes are capped between 5 and 13 students, allowing us to provide a unique level of personalization.


Yoga Classes



This all levels Vinyasa flow class explores the yogic principles of balance with both vigorous asana and pranayama practices. This class is designed to work up a sweat, while harmonizing body and mind, energizing your outer and inner being so you can conduct your life with clarity and positive energy. 



In this all levels Vinyasa flow class each pose is broken down and taught in detail, focusing on alignment. You will build confidence in your practice and will learn to move in and out of postures with strength and stability. This class is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 



The first half of class will be geared towards creating heat in the body, integrating the fundamentals of yoga through mindful sequencing linking breath and movement. Clear alignment cues are offered to assist students to cultivate clarity and integrity in the body. The last half will transition towards a sequence of longer held, supportive and restorative postures. Yoga props such as blankets, bolsters, and straps may be used for safe practice allowing the body to receive each position comfortably. 



Restorative yoga often gets pushed to the side by more physically intense practices. Yet, restorative yoga produces important internal biochemical reactions that can be just as significant as the more external physical changes produced by other practices. Come refuel by experiencing the benefits of restorative yoga in this relaxing session. 

Yoga Wall Speciality Classes



In this alignment based yoga class you will use a mix of Hatha and Iyengar techniques to improve kinesthetic awareness and body intelligence by incorporating props and our yoga wall. You will use the yoga wall for support and feedback to help work toward developing optimal range of motion, core coordination, balance, and isometric strength. Foam rollers and small balls may be used to enhance myofascial health. This class is rooted in the principle that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all alignment. You will leave this class feeling relaxed, taller and more fluid. 

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a physical fitness technique developed by Joseph Pilates as a science of controlled movement. When practiced consistently Pilates improves flexibility, strength, endurance and control of the body. Because Pilates was created for rehabilitative uses, emphasis is on alignment, core stability, body awareness and breath.



Align Core is a total body and mind workout with an emphasis on the power center, or core and abdominal muscles. This is an expansion of classic Pilates mat exercises in a low impact environment to reduce stress on the joints. The class will work to build abdominal strength, lengthen and tone muscles, and find a rejuvenating breath system. Classes at times will include the use of props to broaden range of motion, up the ante of challenge/load, facilitate variation and modification of specific exercises, and overall to provide an alternative route of approach to core principle based exercises. These props include foam rollers, blocks, weighted balls, unweighted balls, TheraBands, and blankets/sliding surfaces. 



Align Fusion combines barre and Pilates moves for the ultimate in toning and alignment. Expect a full body workout that incorporates light weights, bands and gliders. 



This small group class enhances Pilates Mat exercises by adding props that will challenge your strength and coordination. Pilates Springwall offers the same great mind/body, core-focused workout as Pilates Tower with the best possible worlds of springs, roll down bars, straps and Pilates bands. This class fosters balanced strength work by isolating muscle groups on each side of the body with versatility of resistance. This class is appropriate for those looking to take their strength and flexibility to the next level with a challenging workout. 

Functional Fitness Classes

These intelligent training classes combine mindful alignment techniques derived from yoga and Pilates with rehabilitation, strength and cardiovascular training. Functional training is focused on ensuring longevity by maintaining movement and conditioning. Our studio is equip with kettlebells, light weights, TRX, TRX Rip, ropes, BOSU balls, gliders, balance balls and Reebok core boards. These techniques and tools are combined with yoga and Pilates and are ideal for sport specific training.

Functional fitness classes include: Align 60, Align 1:10, Align Circuit, and Align Recovery classes, as well as small group and private sessions.



Get ready for some sweaty fun in Align Brooklyn's signature class taught by Dr. Brown. The class combines mindful alignment techniques with cardio interval and strength training for a full body workout that will improve your body and mind. Expect to use TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands, gliders and weights during this intense and challenging workout. 


ALIGN 1:10

Get ready for some sweaty fun in Align Brooklyn's signature class taught by Dr. Brown. The class combines mindful alignment techniques with cardio interval and strength training for a full body workout that will improve your body and mind. Expect to use TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands, gliders and weights during this intense and challenging workout. 




Align Circuit is a total body workout that leaves no muscle group untouched! The class rotates between stations that include TRX, resistance bands, kettlebells and light weights, Bosu balls, mat based core work, and cardio. As in all Align classes there is a strong focus on body alignment and form to reduce injuries, and increase strength, endurance, stamina and results! 




Foam Rolling (a.k.a self massage) is a cure for our active lifestyles. Foam Rolling helps to release muscle tightness and trigger points, lengthens muscles, and increases blood flow and circulation, allowing you to train harder and reduce injury. This class combines foam rolling, the four forms of stretching (static, dynamic, passive and active), and tops it off with restorative yoga poses! This is a class not to miss. Warning you will become addicted! 

Barre Classes


Align Barre is a full body workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, conditioning, and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. Classes begin at the barre with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a combination of upper and lower body exercises using light weights and/or therabands to help tone and sculpt the body. Afterward, we head to the mat for core work and close with an invigorating final stretch.