Independent Contractor Paperwork

All independent contractors must provide the following completed forms and paperwork to the studio:

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9)

Independent Contractor Agreement (for viewing purposes only - you will be sent a Sign Now link)

Independent contractors are responsible for completing the Independent Contractor Agreement and familiarizing themselves with studio policies before beginning work at the studio.


All payroll is handled via invoicing and direct deposit.

You must submit an invoice for your work that includes: submission date, your name, company name (if any), pay rate, quantity of service, dates service, and total fee. This invoice must be submitted via email to

Sample Invoice (you can make an editable copy of this doc)

Please fill out the direct deposit form or provide a voided check to the front desk.

Teacher Information Form

We request that you complete the teacher information form below, if you have not done so already. The form is used to locate substitute teachers, as well as teachers for new classes and workshops.


  • Instructors must arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to class start. This is part of teaching the class, since students will need help getting set up and may have questions/concerns regarding alignment, injuries or pregnancy. 
  • During busy times at the studio, instructors should offer support by helping to check students into classes by using the iPad at the front desk. The most successful instructors get to know their students by helping to welcome and check students in to classes.
  • Teachers must refrain from presenting themselves as experts in the diagnosis and/or treatment of back or other orthopedic issues. All back and orthopedic issues must be referred to Dr. Brown. No teacher may diagnose or make treatment suggestions. Teachers should offer modifications to exercise. This is a liability issue. If a student references an orthopedic injury, you should simply advise them that Dr. Brown is available to speak with them about their injury. No other treatment options should be discussed (i.e. acupuncture, massage etc...) Dr. Brown should be informed if a student has advised a teacher of a preexisting injury. This will ensure that the burden of choice falls on the student and that Dr. Brown has done his due diligence to ensure the safety of all students. In the extremely rare case of a liability claim this process will protect all parties (i.e. the instructor, Dr. Brown and the studio.)
  • In the event of any incident occurring the studio, the instructor or office staff must submit an incident report. Incidents include student injuries, students exiting class abruptly, and slip and falls.
  • Teachers should not compare, discuss or market their work at other studios within the space of Align Brooklyn for any reason. This includes the wearing of logo items.
  • Instructors may not solicit email addresses from students by either collecting names or suggesting that they sign up for any mailing list.
  • The studio offers private instruction. Any student requesting this service must be referred to the front desk staff. Under no circumstances may instructors work privately with Align Brooklyn clients without going through the studio or obtaining the approval of the studio.
  • The instructor must be present to help students set mats before class starts. Ideally, room should be left at the back of the class for late students. It is our policy that students cannot enter more than 5 minutes late. This is a difficult policy to enforce.
  • Teachers should instruct students to clean and roll their mats after class. Yoga mats should be returned to the bins by the front desk. Manduka yoga mats should be rolled such that the practice side is rolled outside. Pilates mats need to be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth, and should not be dampened. Please help students to perform these tasks so that the studio can remain neat and orderly. All mats are cleaned at least once a week by the studio for hygiene.
  • Students should be instructed to return blankets with fringe toward the back of the pile so that the blankets end up in a neat and consistent pile.
  • Equipment should be returned to its proper storage location neatly. This tends to be a problem with the yoga blocks, and so students should be assisted to put them on the shelves neatly. No yoga wall straps should be left dangling on the floor. If chairs are used during the class, chairs must be returned such that they are all facing the same direction. It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that the room is left the way it was found or neater.

Incident Report


Important Information


Sub List

Instructor Google Group

You can email all regular teachers and subs via: