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Align Brooklyn is a boutique wellness studio offering mindful practices including yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT, chiropractic and nutrition to increase your functional vitality. Our array of services are centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. We believe that the synthesis of strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, optimal nutritional status, and mental awareness creates wellness. Align Brooklyn is owned by a chiropractor, who specializes in sports injury and performance, and so we are able to provide clients with the highest quality fitness and wellness science available.

The Aligned Life Membership

The Aligned Life by Align Brooklyn is a monthly wellness membership that includes unlimited live stream classes, unlimited access to our pre-recorded class library, coaching by Dr. Brown and his team, and access to our private virtual community. This membership keeps you safe, saves you time and offers the support you need to stay on track with your wellness goals.


Posture Perfect - Fascial Integration with Dr. Brown

There is nothing more debilitating than chronic back pain. In fact back pain is the second biggest reason for calling out sick from work. Back pain effects every aspect of your life from bringing on a chronic bad mood to missing opportunities at work due to absenteeism and distraction to not being able to be active with your family. Get to the root cause of your problem with Dr. Brown's 9 part corrective system for ending pain. Reclaim a pain free life, where you are able to move fluidly again and feel rejuvenated.


Choosing Health Coaching

Choosing Health is a healthy lifestyle coaching program focused on improving your metabolic health from body composition to blood sugar regulation to correcting any of the common lifestyle diseases we see in modern society. The program is designed to take you from your current level of metabolic health to your personal next level - whatever that may be. Over the course of 180 days you will work with Dr. Brown and a health coach to make progress toward your personal wellness goal.


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About Dr. Brown

I am a licensed chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist, certified chiropractic sports physician, certified yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. As long as I can remember, my life has been about health and wellness. From elementary school through college, I participated in competitive as well as non-competitive sports. As an athlete, I became intimately aware of the interdependence and interrelationship of behavior, diet and attitude with overall health and well-being. I discovered that the more in sync that these factors are, the better my performance both on and off the field.

Since graduating from chiropractic college, I have continued to expand my knowledge base and understanding of health and wellness by studying and practicing yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition and functional wellness. This integration of disciplines has greatly influenced the way in which I look at and practice healthcare.

As a practitioner in the field of functional medicine, I view the patient as a unique individual with a unique lifestyle, and thus unique needs. In other words, my practice is patient centered as opposed to symptom centered.

Over the years since graduating from chiropractic college I have appeared on the CBS Morning Show, Lifetime TV and E! TV, as well as in Bride's Magazine, Conde Nast Sports for Women, and Los Angeles Health & Fitness Magazine. 

In addition to being a National Board Certified Chiropractor licensed in New York, New Jersey and California, I also underwent additional graduate training to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, specializing in sports physiology and injuries. As a fitness specialist, I am a Certified Master Trainer with the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, where I taught fitness trainers anatomy and exercise physiology. Most recently, I have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification course.

I continue to engage in a variety of athletic and fitness endeavors, enjoying yoga, weight training and inline skating.

Our Philosophy of Wellness 

We offer an array of classes centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. The synthesis of strength, core stability, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, optimal nutrition status and mental awareness creates wellness.

We believe that a balanced, science-based, functional wellness program will not only maximize results in the short term, but will enable you to live happily and productively throughout your life.

We invite you to find your personal dynamic balance by consciously choosing the building blocks to put in your wellness bucket based on your individual goals and needs. 

Although all of our classes contain elements of strength, cardio, core training, flexibility and recovery, each class emphasizes one element more than the others. Finding your personal dynamic balance takes experimentation, and it changes over time. Need help? Just stop by the front desk or email [email protected]

Wellness Tips, Community Events, Inspiration!

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