3 Tips to Turn Your Fall into a Dynamic Transition!

Every year the time comes when we have to say goodbye to summer and prepare ourselves mentally and physically for winter. For many of us that means that kids go back to school and/or we go back to work. The seasonal change also means that some of the activities we have been doing outside are brought to a halt by rain and windy weather. Many of us are already making plans for the holiday season - and starting to feel the need for hot tea and soup.


With the shift to fall we can easily get pulled in lots of directions and it's easy to forget about our personal goals and self care.

This fall, instead of letting ourselves get taken away, let's make this the most dynamic transition we have ever had. Instead of letting things unfold and finding ourselves in the middle of winter before we catch our breaths, let's infuse the fall with dynamism and intention. 

Three simple tips:

1. Keep it fresh and stay engaged!

Maybe this fall is the time to revisit your yoga practice? Perhaps, now is the time you will finally overcome your fear and accomplish a handstand. Or is this the time for you to get stronger by going up in weight or trying a circuit class. If you're a regular yogi, maybe you finally make time to check out the yoga wall workshop or decide to get good at barre class?

What are your personal goals? What kind of goal or intention will keep you engaged?

Try filling in the blank on this sentence: "I will make this fall a dynamic transition by (fill in the blank)."

Maybe your *blank* is that you spend two hours a week on self care or relax more or get in the best shape of your life by January. Keep it personal and keep it real. 

Try to remember to come to class with your reason, and remind yourself: "I came to class today because (blank)."

2. Schedule self care into your calendar

Stephen Covey points out that unless we schedule non-urgent and important things into our lives, we will always find ourselves putting out fires. This chart says it all. It's easy to have our time for exercise, relationships and relaxation eaten up by things that are not important but feel urgent or worse yet by things that don't feel either urgent or important but distract us.


3. Go out of your way to support some one else

Once someone shared a powerful metaphor with me: if you push a bowl of water away from you, all the water comes flowing back to you. Supporting someone else is just like this. There are many ways to support a fellow studio member: you can hand them the props they need, you can introduce yourself and say hi, you can tell them about a class you took, you can hold their intention for them by buddying up and sharing goals, you can compliment their improvement, you can find something out about who they are or remember their name. There are infinite ways that we can create a supportive environment and continue to build the Align BK wellness community!

Let's make this season a dynamic transition together, and feel great as we hit the holiday season and enter the cooler winter months! Happy Fall!