Why Restorative Yoga? 3 Fun Facts!


You knew that Restorative Yoga was good for you, but did you know why? Aside from feeling great and being a much needed antidote to our busy lives, here are some real reasons:


1. Balances Your Nervous System

Restorative Yoga takes your body into a healing state that allows for renewal and rejuvenation. Benefits include optimizing energy flow to the organs, tissue renewal, and reducing general stress and it's harmful effects on the body.


2. Helps you Recover from Pain and Illness

Deep and conscious relaxation aids healing, whether you’re recovering from muscle strain, a common flu, or a chronic illness. By slowing down your more “active” yoga practice you allow the body to benefit more deeply from yoga’s healing powers.

Restorative yoga boosts your immune system!


3. Quiets The Mind

Restorative yoga is an advanced practice that gradually and with patience calms your over stimulated mind. Once you try it out you realize how challenging the experience can actually be!

Be patient; just because your body is resting doesn’t mean your mind will automatically grow silent. But over time, you will perfect the skill of entering that place of stillness and surrendering peacefully to the present moment, which is bliss.