What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition offers an alternative to common "hit or miss" approaches by applying a scientific mode of analysis to wellness care. Unlike many "alternative" approaches, functional healthcare practitioners use proven all-natural, scientific protocols. 

Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on treating symptoms and often does not address underlying causes, the functional approach concentrates on facilitating the body's innate ability to heal the cause, and not merely covering up symptoms. When we enable the innate healing intelligence of the human body to work at the cellular level to fend off disease, we live more vibrant, healthier and longer lives. 

Functional healthcare views symptoms as the body's way of letting us know that something is amiss. In the functional model, symptoms are purposeful indicators, and not random occurrences. Functional healthcare attempts to remove stressors that cause the body to signal that something is wrong. 

Cutting-edge science meets alternative healthcare

Functional medicine uses science and technology to determine where there is weakness, and prescribes scientifically tested protocols to both support the body's internal resistance and lessen stressors. By viewing the body holistically, we can customize solutions to fit your unique bio-individuality. As part of his chiropractic practice, Dr. Brown offers customized functional nutrition protocols to address a variety of conditions.