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“Symptoms equal the tip of the iceberg, but causes equal the largely unseen 90% of the iceberg.”

My name is Christopher Brown. I am a licensed chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist, certified chiropractic sports physician, certified yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. As long as I can remember, my life has been about health and wellness. From elementary school through college, I participated in competitive as well as non-competitive sports. As an athlete, I became intimately aware of the interdependence and interrelationship of behavior, diet and attitude with overall health and well-being. I discovered that the more in sync that these factors are, the better my performance both on and off the field.

My father was a medical doctor who always emphasized a holistic approach with both his patients and family. My mom worked at one of the first health food stores in New York. With the insights I gained from my parents view of health and wellness, as well as my curiosity, early on I placed myself on a path of holistic, functional and integrative wellness.

During my undergraduate years at SUNY Stony Brook, before pre-chiropractic education, I immersed myself in Eastern philosophy and religious studies. The study of Eastern thought as well as learning Tai Chi and meditation techniques, opened my life up to new and exciting possibilities in health and wellness.

During my years at New York Chiropractic College, I was again exposed to many aspects of health and wellness that greatly influenced the path of my journey in healthcare. Where chiropractic differs most substantially from conventional allopathic medicine is in our approach to dis-ease. The allopathic model looks to the symptoms as the primary concern. Chiropractic, while not ignoring the symptoms, looks more at the causes of dis-ease. To use an old analogy: symptoms equal the tip of the iceberg, but causes equal the largely unseen 90% of the iceberg. I learned that the causes of most dis-eases are, if not directly related, at least largely related to our day-to-day choices. These choices relate to diet and nutrition, exercise, relationships, rest and spirituality. And, since these are choices, we have the power to influence these choices from moment to moment, day to day, year to year.

Since graduating from chiropractic college, I have continued to expand my knowledge base and understanding of health and wellness by studying and practicing yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition and functional wellness. This integration of disciplines has greatly influenced the way in which I look at and practice healthcare.

As a practitioner in the field of functional medicine, I view the patient as a unique individual with a unique lifestyle, and thus unique needs. In other words, my practice is patient centered as opposed to symptom centered.

Over the years since graduating from chiropractic college I have appeared on the CBS Morning Show, Lifetime TV and E! TV, as well as in Bride's Magazine, Conde Nast Sports for Women, and Los Angeles Health & Fitness Magazine. 

In addition to being a National Board Certified Chiropractor licensed in New York, New Jersey and California, I also underwent additional graduate training to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, specializing in sports physiology and injuries. As a fitness specialist, I am a Certified Master Trainer with the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, where I taught fitness trainers anatomy and exercise physiology. Most recently, I have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification course.

I continue to engage in a variety of athletic and fitness endeavors, enjoying yoga, weight training and inline skating.


Ben D.

“Dr. Brown is wonderful! He takes time to analyze and understand your needs while making a plan to correct your problem. Most chiropractors are rack 'em and crack 'em. Not Dr, Brown! He's a health and wellness specialist who really wants to find solutions to your physical alignment. I've noticed that I'm standing taller, and my posture is much better. The staff is great, and I love that it's connected to a yoga studio.” 

Natalia B.

“I have been having back issues since I was very young. In late 2015 my ordeal with pain management started to consume my life. I found Align and Dr. Brown close to my home and decided to give it a try in 2016. I’m still going to Align to this day and renewed my yoga package to take me into 2020. Dr. Brown has provided great insight into cause of my pain (diet, stress management and exercise advice). I have had chiropractic adjustment, Myofascial release, tried variety of classes offered and workshops that Dr. Brown runs during the year. I take away a lot of knowledge about my body and how to take care of my injury. This is a great little space with friendly and attentive staff and classes for every level.” 

Petronille P.

“Amazing studio!! The classes are fun and engaging and always make you feel better. Excellent teachers, very knowledgeable and approachable. all around an excellent experience every single time. Highly highly recommended!!”

Stephanie D.

“Align Brooklyn is an amazing studio! All of the instructors are thoughtful in preparing the class and motivating everyone throughout to do their best. I’ve gained so much self confidence since starting classes here!” 

Lydia H.

“Best studio I've encountered in a long while. Classes are diverse, teachers are wonderful and have their own distinct style. There is something for everyone here.” 

My Services



Chiropractic is an all natural healing art used for the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints.

Chiropractors care for patients of all ages with a variety of health conditions. They are back pain specialists, as well as experts in treating a wide range of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system involving the muscles, ligaments and joints. The benefits of chiropractic care extend to general health issues, since our body structure affects our overall function.

Chiropractors also counsel patients on diet, nutrition, exercise, as well as occupational and lifestyle modification.

Chiropractic is used to treat the following conditions effectively and all naturally:

  • back & neck pain

  • joint pain & arthritis

  • scoliosis

  • headaches & TMJ

  • plantar fasciitis

  • piriformis syndrome

  • psoas (hip flexor) imbalance

  • poor posture & alignment

  • and much more!


Myofascial Care


Myofascial therapy is a safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Trauma, inflammatory responses, and surgical procedures may cause myofascial restrictions that produce pressure on pain sensitive structures that do not show up on standard tests including x-rays, MRIs and CT-scans.

Myofascia are the densely woven coverings of muscles, bones, arteries, and veins, as well as all internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. Myofascia is a continuous structure throughout the body that runs from head to toe. It is also a large sensory organ, where most of the proprioceptive nerve fibers are in the body. Myfascia plays a role in the support and function of our bodies; and has the ability to stretch and move without restriction.

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition offers an alternative to common "hit or miss" approaches by applying a scientific mode of analysis to wellness care. Unlike many "alternative" approaches, functional healthcare practitioners use proven all-natural, scientific protocols.

Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on treating symptoms and often does not address underlying causes, the functional approach concentrates on facilitating the body's innate ability to heal the cause, and not merely covering up symptoms. When we enable the innate healing intelligence of the human body to work at the cellular level to fend off disease, we live more vibrant, healthier and longer lives. 

Functional healthcare views symptoms as the body's way of letting us know that something is amiss. In the functional model, symptoms are purposeful indicators, and not random occurrences. Functional healthcare attempts to remove stressors that cause the body to signal that something is wrong.

Cutting-edge science meets alternative healthcare

Functional healthcare uses science and technology to determine where there is weakness, and prescribes scientifically tested protocols to both support the body's internal resistance and lessen stressors. By viewing the body holistically, we can customize solutions to fit your unique bio-individuality. As part of his chiropractic practice, Dr. Brown offers customized functional nutrition protocols to address a variety of conditions. 


Orthotics are not just for people with foot pain. They can also help those who suffer from back pain, pain in their hips or knees, and people dealing with arthritis-related pain. Our custom functional orthotics are designed to ensure that the bones, ligaments and tendons in your feet and lower legs are aligned and positioned properly.

Orthotics are not just for people with foot pain. They can also help those who suffer from back pain, pain in their hips or knees, and people dealing with arthritis-related pain. 

Orthotics are designed to ensure that the bones, ligaments and tendons in your feet and lower legs are aligned and positioned properly. This helps to ease pain and stress on the feet, and can improve the functioning of the muscles over time. 

Custom orthotics are tailored to the needs of each individual. This means that a runner or athlete will receive a different type of orthotic from an individual with broken bones or inflamed ligaments.

Dr. Brown makes custom orthotics using a 3D BodyView, which uses cutting-edge technology to identify asymmetries in the feet with arch height mapping, and illustrates how the feet impact the entire kinetic chain.

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