About the Studio

Align Brooklyn is a boutique wellness studio offering mindful practices including yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT, chiropractic and nutrition to increase your functional vitality. Our array of classes are centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. The synthesis of strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, optimal nutritional status, and mental awareness creates wellness. Align Brooklyn is owned by a chiropractor, who specializes in sports injury and performance, and so we are able to provide clients with the highest quality fitness and wellness science available.

Our Philosophy

A Complete Program

We offer an array of classes centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. The synthesis of strength, core stability, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, optimal nutrition status and mental awareness creates wellness.

We believe that a balanced, science-based, functional wellness program will not only maximize results in the short term, but will enable you to live happily and productively throughout your life.

We invite you to find your personal dynamic balance by consciously choosing the building blocks to put in your wellness bucket based on your individual goals and needs. 

Although all of our classes contain elements of strength, cardio, core training, flexibility and recovery, each class emphasizes one element more than the others. Finding your personal dynamic balance takes experimentation, and it changes over time. Need help? Just stop by the front desk or email [email protected]

About Dr. Brown

Hi! My name is Dr. Brown. I am a Licensed Chiropractor, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. As long as I can remember, my life has been about health and wellness. As an athlete, I became intimately aware of the interdependence and interrelationship of behavior, diet and attitude with overall health and well-being. I discovered that the more in sync that these factors are, the better my performance both on and off the field.

As a practitioner in the field of functional healthcare, I view the client as a unique individual with a unique lifestyle, and thus unique needs. For more than 30 years I have helped thousands of clients achieve greater vitality and live more productive lives.

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Ben D.

“Dr. Brown is wonderful! He takes time to analyze and understand your needs while making a plan to correct your problem. Most chiropractors are rack 'em and crack 'em. Not Dr, Brown! He's a health and wellness specialist who really wants to find solutions to your physical alignment. I've noticed that I'm standing taller, and my posture is much better. The staff is great, and I love that it's connected to a yoga studio.” 

Natalia B.

“I have been having back issues since I was very young. In late 2015 my ordeal with pain management started to consume my life. I found Align and Dr. Brown close to my home and decided to give it a try in 2016. I’m still going to Align to this day and renewed my yoga package to take me into 2020. Dr. Brown has provided great insight into cause of my pain (diet, stress management and exercise advice). I have had chiropractic adjustment, Myofascial release, tried variety of classes offered and workshops that Dr. Brown runs during the year. I take away a lot of knowledge about my body and how to take care of my injury. This is a great little space with friendly and attentive staff and classes for every level.” 

Petronille P.

“Amazing studio!! The classes are fun and engaging and always make you feel better. Excellent teachers, very knowledgeable and approachable. all around an excellent experience every single time. Highly highly recommended!!”

Stephanie D.

“Align Brooklyn is an amazing studio! All of the instructors are thoughtful in preparing the class and motivating everyone throughout to do their best. I’ve gained so much self confidence since starting classes here!” 

Lydia H.

“Best studio I've encountered in a long while. Classes are diverse, teachers are wonderful and have their own distinct style. There is something for everyone here.” 

Anna R.

"I love the variety of classes and teachers. The ability of each teacher to personalize their class to meet the needs of the students as individuals.
I love the homeyness of the studio, I feel like a member of a community not just a client. I love that I have always felt acceptance of all body types and abilities. Never have I felt pressured to be thinner or that weight loss would be rewarded. Emphasis feels to be on self-care and enjoying what our bodies are capable of."

Becky C.

"Pam and Dr. Brown incorporate the best ideals into their studio - fitness coupled with wellbeing. It’s easy to see (and feel the results!) how Dr. Brown’s chiropractic methods have trickled into the structure of each class. With a focus on spinal alignment and awareness, each class is unique and challenging, time and time again. The teachers are extremely thoughtful and talented - I always look forward to the days I have a class at Align (whether that’s in person or virtually!)."


Alex B.

The engaging classes actually make me excited to wake up early for pilates and inspire me to get back on the mat for yoga after work. I can't recommend this place more highly. They really care about their members and offer lots of great deals and workshops. They keep me coming back week after week and bring together such a great community!

Jessica S.

"I love everything about Align. I miss going in person and they made the online transition beautifully (for us). So grateful for Align!!!"⁣⁠

Sue L.

"Instructors are highly qualified! The level of detailed adjustments for a given exercise is top notch- better than other online programs I've been doing."


Alicia W.

"In these times, they are a constant that I look forward to!"

Shannon B.

"Very informative and thorough. The owner is quite knowledgeable and also personable!"

Our Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow


Yoga Flow

A breath to breath practice, that flows through asana in a vigorous, yet intelligent sequence that challenges a student of any skill level. Based in alignment to ensure your safety and encourage stability. Modifications offered. Accessible to all levels.


Yoga Ground

A breath practice that sets the foundation to begin your practice or deepens your awareness of asanas. Poses are held to allow for deeper understanding of your own skeletal alignment. By increasing your knowledge you build confidence to continue to grow your practice.  Great for beginners, accessible to students at any level.

Iyengar Inspired


Yoga Heal

This therapeutic yoga class incorporates myofascial work and traction stretching on a yoga prop wall to leave you feeling loose, stretched out, balanced and tension free. This class is good for those working with injuries and back pain.


Yoga Align

This Iyengar inspired yoga class is designed to help you improve and maintain optimal posture. Yoga Align takes a mindful whole body approach, integrating alignment, balance and resilience, rotating each week between a focus on either back, front, lateral and spiral myofascial meridian lines. The class incorporates the use of a yoga suspension wall, Iyengar chairs, as well as other props, such as straps and blocks to facilitate feedback and support towards optimizing asanas for your unique biomechanics. You will leave this class with a heightened sense of grounded-ness, and ease in body, mind and heart. Accessible to all levels. Perfect for those suffering from back and neck pain, as well as other orthopedic injuries.

*These classes are limited to 10 students, so please be sure to register in advance!

Restorative Yoga


Yoga Melt

A restorative practice that allows time to renew both breath and body. Postures are held for extensive periods of time to allow both mind and body to find ease and rejuvenation. Heavy prop usage, accessible to students at any level. Best when paired with a regular yoga practice.

Our Fitness Classes

Functional Fitness & HIIT


Align 1:10

Get ready for some sweaty fun in this challenging bootcamp-style, functional fitness class. The class combines mindful alignment techniques with Tabata interval cardio, and functional strength training for a full body workout that will improve your body and mind. Expect to use TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands, gliders and weights during this intense workout. Yes - we won't lie - it does get real in this class, but the challenge will leave you burning extra calories for 24 hours or more!

XPress class is 60 minutes long. Regular class is 70 minutes long.


Align Ignite

Align Ignite is a total body, metabolic conditioning, circuit workout that leaves no muscle group untouched! In this 50 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) class you will perform functional exercises to build strength, increase range of motion and improve cardiovascular conditioning. You will engage both mind and body by focusing on breath, core coordination and balance. Expect to use resistance bands, gliders, kettlebells and light weights. As in all Align classes there is a strong focus on body alignment and form to reduce injuries, and increase strength, endurance, stamina and results!

Barre & Pilates Inspired


Align Define

Align Define is a full body barre workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, conditioning, and stretching for a unique and fun experience. Classes begin with a warm up focusing on postural alignment, followed by a combination of upper and lower body exercises using light weights, resistance bands, as well as weighted and unweighted balls. Afterward, we head to the mat for core work and close with an invigorating final stretch. In this intelligent barre class you will move from larger movements that get your heart pumping to "feel-the-burn" pulses and isometric holds, efficiently toning and sculpting your body.


Align Fusion

Align Fusion combines the muscle defining techniques of barre workouts with contemporary Pilates moves for the ultimate in conditioning and alignment. Expect a full body mat workout that incorporates light weights, resistance bands, magic circles, weighted and unweighted balls, and gliders. You will find yourself walking taller and stronger after this postural alignment conditioning class.


Align Core

Align Core is a total body and mind workout with an emphasis on the power center, or core and abdominal muscles. This is an expansion of classic Pilates mat exercises in a low impact environment to reduce stress on the joints. The class will work to build core strength, lengthen and tone muscles, and find a rejuvenating breath system. Classes at times will incorporate props including foam rollers, blocks, weighted balls, unweighted balls, resistance bands, and gliders. Expect to finish things off with some foam rolling.



Align Roll

Foam Rolling (a.k.a self myofascial release) is a cure for our active lifestyles. Foam Rolling helps to release muscle tightness and trigger points, as well as increasing blood flow and circulation, allowing you to train harder and reduce injury. This class combines foam rolling, the four forms of stretching (static, dynamic, passive and active), and tops it off with restorative yoga poses! This is a class not to miss. Warning you will become addicted!

Become a Member of The Aligned Life

The Aligned Life by Align Brooklyn is a monthly wellness membership that includes unlimited live stream classes, unlimited access to our pre-recorded class library, coaching by Dr. Brown and his team, and access to our private virtual community. This membership keeps you safe, saves you time and offers the support you need to stay on track with your wellness goals.

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