Align Brooklyn offers a variety of types of yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, and Iyengar. Class size varies based on the needs of the practice with some classes limited to only 10 students. All classes are appropriate for most practitioners from beginning to advanced.

Our offerings include: Yoga Flow, Yoga Flow & Alignment, Alignment & Yoga Wall. Yoga Flow & Alignment and Alignment & Yoga Wall are particularly appropriate for beginners, those recovering from injury or those returning to practice after a hiatus. We also over private sessions.


Yoga Class Descriptions


Aligned Yoga

An alignment based yoga class focused on improving kinesthetic awareness (aka body intelligence) by working with the myofascial meridians to bring them through a full range of motion using specifically sequenced asanas. This class will improve coordination between the upper and lower body through intelligent work of the core muscles. Each week the class will focus on either front line, back line, lateral line or spiral lines of the body with each class incorporating asanas that work toward optimal range of motion, core integration, balance/equilibrium, and strength/stability. The class compliments the benefits of other practices offered at Align BK by working more on myofascial health and isometric strength. This class is based on the principle that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all alignment. Aligned Yoga is for everybody and every body! (This class is limited to 10 participants.)


Yoga Flow

This all levels Vinyasa flow class explores the yogic principles of balance with both vigorous asana and pranayama practices. This class is designed to work up a sweat, while harmonizing body and mind, energizing your outer and inner being so you can conduct your life with clarity and positive energy. (This class is limited to 30 participants.)


Yoga Flow + Alignment

In this all levels Vinyasa flow class each pose is broken down and taught in detail, focusing on alignment. You will build confidence in your practice and will learn to move in and out of postures with strength and stability. This class is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. (This class is limited to 25 participants.)


Yoga Flow & Restore

The first half of class will be geared towards creating heat in the body, integrating the fundamentals of yoga through mindful sequencing linking breath and movement. Clear alignment cues are offered to assist students to cultivate clarity and integrity in the body. The last half will transition towards a sequence of longer held, supportive and restorative postures. Yoga props such as blankets, bolsters, and straps may be used for safe practice allowing the body to receive each position comfortably. (This class is limited to 25 participants.)


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga often gets pushed to the side by more physically intense practices. Yet, restorative yoga produces important internal biochemical reactions that can be just as significant as the more external physical changes produced by other practices. Come refuel by experiencing the benefits of restorative yoga in this relaxing session. (This class is limited to 25 participants.)